Food is the focus, but the love, the genuine connection, is in the details.

Let’s get W.I.L.D, Arizona!

At Flower Child, we believe that health and wellness start with being connected to Mother Nature. That’s why we’re proud to support our friends at the IRONWOOD TREE EXPERIENCE, a non-profit that is all about nurturing the youth’s appreciation and understanding of Mother Earth’s wonders.

This month, a portion of our lemonade sales will benefit them!

One of the programs they sponsor is River Runs Through Arizona, a non-profit that encourages exploration of W.I.L.D Childhood by guiding urban teens through fun, nature-based adventures.

They believe all children should experience feelings of Wonder. Innocence. Laughter. Daringness (W.I.L.D) when they discover the world around them, and they are on a mission to protect this valuable time in childhood and adolescence.

Try our featured lemonade W.I.L.D CHILD LEMONADE—made with watermelon and mango—throughout June. Let’s do a world of good and help teens of Arizona get W.I.L.D!

Learn more about the non-profit here.


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