About Us

We believe the best stories are shared over food.
Not to mention the best laughs, and the best memories, too. That’s why we put so much thought into every last detail that goes into our restaurants: the food, the hospitality, the kitchens, the gathering places, the vibe. We create spaces that evoke emotion, because we believe food is all about the experience and being able to connect with those who matter most.

We challenge ourselves to find ways to make our best ideas even better. Every day.
We understand that the only way to guarantee our guests the best experience is to constantly refine and perfect it. So when we create new concepts in our test kitchen, we immerse ourselves in all the little details – from the uniforms to the menus, from the food to the music, from the lighting to the linens, all the way down to the salt and pepper shakers – and rework things until they all fit together perfectly.

Our people and our guests are at the heart of all we do.
The way we see it, there’s no room for shortcuts in the business of taking care of people. That’s as true for the people on our own team as it is for the guests we serve every day. We are able to do what we do because we surround ourselves with people who are just as passionate about hospitality as we are. Making people happy makes us happy, it’s as simple and straightforward as that.

To do great things you have to love what you do. And we love what we do.

We are Fox Restaurant Concepts. And we are a Creative. Culinary. Community.

Toasting over fresh food
Fresh greens
Cocktail ingredients

About our CEO & founder, Sam Fox

Great hospitality, every time.
Sam Fox

That saying is 100% Sam Fox, and it’s the kind of thing that becomes part of your everyday vocabulary when you grow up working in hospitality. Sam Fox did just that, helping in the kitchen and waiting tables at the restaurants his parents’ owned and operated in the 70s. Sam opened his own restaurant when he was only 21, and launched his first Fox Restaurant Group concept Wildflower in 1998, but became a household name after putting healthy eating on the map when he partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil to open the revolutionary True Food Kitchen in 2008.

Since the beginnings of Fox Restaurant Concepts, Sam has created an ever-evolving and growing lineup of unique concepts, which now spans across the United States. He’s built a team of over 4,000 employees, garnered a smattering of awards and earned a James Beard nomination. And while he’s seen, experienced and tasted a whole lot over the course of his career, Sam Fox remains a man who is simply and endlessly inspired by food. Whether it’s an ingredient, a word or even an interesting new acquaintance, Sam turns all that inspiration into concepts that tell a story. Today, he continues to share his knowledge, ideas and love of great food with his team. If he’s not in his office overlooking The Henry brainstorming a new concept, you can probably find him in the test kitchen trying out new menu items (yes, he approves everything that goes on his menus) or spending time with his family. That’s the kind of dedication and passion that has helped Sam make FRC the creative culinary community it is today.

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Sam Fox
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