1. The new bucatini at North in Scottsdale is terrible. The sauce tastes like it was store bought. The summer version was much better because the sauce tasted fresh and was tangy. As well, the fig and proscuitto pizza needs to come back. The new items are boring.

  2. Dude. Seriously. Get the website for North working. I live in KC, love the restaurant and am trying to show the menu to a friend but every single link that comes up on Google is B.R.O.K.E.N.
    Lame. Will go somewhere else if I can’t even see the menu online.

    • Hey Leah,

      Just took a look at the links and they seem to be working fine. I’m sorry they aren’t working for you. It could be the browser you’re trying to view them in. Feel free to provide me an email address and I can send you the menus directly. Cheers!

      -Fox Restaurant Concepts