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Squeeze the day, one Kickflip at a time

Flower Child loves supporting people who believe in our same values. Like a Flower Child, the rad skateboarders of Girl is not a 4 Letter Word are free-spirited—independent and not constrained by convention.

We created a pink lemonade to honor the GN4LW girls, like Jordyn Barratt and Amanda Caloia, AKA pandaskate, who are breaking stereotypes by breaking records in the male-dominated world of professional skateboarding (Cheers to girl power!).

Try KICKFLIP, Flower Child’s featured lemonade this April, plus 10% of lemonade sales will benefit GN4LW (Santa Monica location only).

Founded by former top-ranking professional skateboarder Cindy Whitehead in 2013, GN4LW has been collaborating with brands both in and out of the skateboarding industry in an effort to give back to women in action sports.

Last month, we celebrated Cindy’s release of It’s not About Pretty, a photography book featuring girl skateboarders, at Flower Child with the whole crew.

We think it’s pretty rad that GN4LW is empowering women through skateboarding, so join us this April in helping this awesome girl-power cause!


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