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Celebrate National Absinthe Day At Little Cleo’s

Absinthe, the naturally green drink that has a somewhat elusive aura behind it, is having a birthday and we’re excited to celebrate it! In case you were wondering, Absinthe was made legal in the U.S. as of March 5, 2007. On this day, the 95-year-old ban on the beverage was lifted, making it legal to import and manufacture in the states. While the drink maintains a mysterious, hallucinogenic quality in some social circles, the drink was originally used for prevention and treatment of illnesses.

We have to say, we’re still captivated by the magical potion and her story every time. Little Cleo’s has about 14 different bottles of absinthe – we know from experience that each one has its own story to tell…but we’ll spare you the details for another time. Want to learn more about absinthe? Follow along to explore the green fairy and her green hour!


Here are the Absinthe selections we feature at our restaurant:

St. George, Ca (60% abv)

Kubler, Switzerland (53% abv)

Mata Hari, Austria (60% abv)

Brevans, Switzerland (68%abv)

Duplais Blanche, Switzerland (60% abv)

Duplais Verte, Switzerland (68% abv)

Heritage, France (68% abv)

Mansinthe, Switzerland (66% abv)

Vieuz Pontarlier, France (65% abv)

La Clandestine, Switzerland ((53% abv)

+ four in-house features!


(Photo by: Bloguettes)

Have you been entranced by the beverage yet? We thought so! Our absinthe selection is the largest in the state, in addition to several absinthe-inspired cocktails, like 7th Street Sazerac and Subtle Menace. We did have other absinthe concoctions up our sleeves, but we’re not going to recommend trying them anytime soon… The next time you’re in, ask the bartender to share their personal experience drinking absinthe or just ask a member of the Bloguettes, who bonded over some absinthe cocktails and lived to [write] the tale.

You’re invited to sit down with our absinthe collection, along with our large array of oysters that are flown in fresh daily—get to know the greenest of hours with us on National Absinthe Day!


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